How your Internet Service Provider sets you up for failure

The cable company just installed your Internet service.  Life is good – you can stream video like you always wanted.  That is, until you notice a few days later the computer seems slower and the lights on the little black box connected between the wall and your computer has furiously blinking lights.  Eventually your computer takes forever to start up, and everything comes to a crawl…..

What the heck happened?

Internet Service providers like your cable company and telephone company often install a MODEM at your house for Internet access.  A MODEM is a simple device, it simply provides a path for data to go to and from the Internet.  In order to be on the Internet, your computer has to have an address, not unlike a house.  Here is the catch – instead of someone needing to physically drive by, on the Information Superhighway anyone is able to ‘drive by’ your address.  Not only that, but they walk right up to the front door and jiggle the handle to see if it is locked.  And they try to find an open window. When they find a window open, they climb in, set up their shop, and before you know it they are selling porn out of your living room. Continue reading “How your Internet Service Provider sets you up for failure”