War Pi 2.0 – Pi2 (Start Here)

As a long-time Kismet user, but new to Raspberry Pi, I was interested to see if anyone else had run Kismet on a Raspberry Pi.  I discovered a paper written for SANS about using Kismet on a Raspberry Pi Model B, and set out to use those instructions to build my own, only for the Pi 2 Model B.  The Pi 2 Model B is an update to the original Model B platform that brings a lot more processing power to the table.  Using only 50mA more power than a 1st generation Model B, the Pi 2 Model B uses a quad core processor at 900Mhz complemented by 1GB of RAM.  The original Model B utilized a single core processor with 512MB RAM.  This makes the Pi 2 Model B a much more capable device, and should be able to handle the improvements and new features being made to the Kismet package.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Kismet package was being updated – the original paper covered the installation of version 2013-03-R1b.  This paper covers the building and installation of kismet-2016-01-R1.

Original War Pi paper:
War Pi, written by Scott Christie, scottochristie@gmail.com

What follows is meant to augment the original paper, and document only what is necessary to get the casual user up and running.  The user is responsible for any additional research into setting up the Pi 2 Model B with installation of the OS. Continue reading “War Pi 2.0 – Pi2 (Start Here)”