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A few years ago (OK, more than a few) a group of friends traveled  out to the World’s Largest Hacker gathering in Las Vegas, DEFCON.  DEFCON hosts a myriad of folk from around the world who make this trek once a year to share ideas about everything security related.  Talks are given and some present their ideas to a larger audience.  Now most of the stuff gets screened by the excellent staff at DEFCON, but sometimes to fill a slot they give someone a chance to stand up and deliver what they think is the next Internet-shattering DNS vulnerability.  Ideas are exchanged, discussed, scrutinized and discarded or accepted by the community at large.

It was during one of these talks that some poor kid from somewhere presenting something (vague to protect the innocent) tried to gloss over a very important detail regarding a ‘hack’ he had discovered.  One of our group members stood up, and in his commanding tone, yelled “Bull$h!t!”.  The room fell silent…….  and TeamBSF was born.  The first flag on bad security advice was thrown.

We discussed this event later, since we all shared ideas amongst each other, and realized just how much bad information is out there with respect to Information Security.  We pledged to do our best as freelance researchers and professionals to educate others at every opportunity and ‘set the record straight’ so to speak.  We hunt snake-oil vendors, charlatans, and those that pass themselves off as InfoSec professionals that really only do the Boot Camps for Certifications.  We also seek to bridge the technical gap for people that are not technically inclined but victims of technology and poor design.  Every home that has a PC, DVR, cell phone, or modern automobile are our clients.  Too often they are sold products they don’t need, or left to figure out things on their own by the very people supplying the products they use.

Welcome to the Better Security Foundation, where we believe there is always a better way.

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