Hard Hat Brigade

Here we are. Prepping for DefCon 27. How did we get here?

A few DefCons back, @SecureThisNow put some electronics on a hardhat. It was meant to be a conversation starter, and to get people interested in a few things: All the WiFi, and building fun stuff like the hat. The next year, he was joined by @profitlettuce and later @M0nkeyDrag0n who also built hats.
Multiple conversations about how to make this more fun grew into the Unofficial DefCon 27 Hard Hat Contest. @HardHatBrigade just got bigger.

The original WiFi hardhat is a simple design – a Raspberry PiZero, a 5″ HDMI LCD screen, a TP-Link WN722N WiFi adapter, some 18650 batteries, and a DC power converter to make USB 5V available for the rig.
The hat runs and displays the legacy ncurses view of Kismet Wireless, a tried and true application for wardrivers for over a decade.

How can you join the fun?
– follow @HardHatBrigade on Twitter
– read the rules
– get a hard hat
– modify it to your liking
– show up to DC27 at the time and place announced on Twitter
– tell your friends to do the same!

This site has some general instructions for getting the legacy Kismet Wireless rolling if that is what you want to do. Other build instructions may show up here on this site as well.

Questions? Recommendations? @HardHatBrigade on Twitter 🙂